About Light of the Word

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In a world where information of all types is so readily available, people are looking for the answers to life’s most important questions. Yet The darkness never seems to lift.

We at Lighthouse believe that what the world is looking for is actually a person not an idea. That person is Christ Jesus. Not the Jesus in a bottle that grants your wishes, or the Jesus that is powerlessly sitting back wishing he could be part of your life. I am talking about the Christ Jesus of scripture who is Almighty God, He who said  “ I Am The Way The Truth and The Life” and also said “ I Am The Light of the World”. It is this Jesus that is only found through the narrow gate. It is He who has the power to dispel darkness.

Light of the Word Radio began in March of 2020 starting on our local Christian radio station, Angel 95 FM in Manhattan, KS.  Through the grace of God and generous donors we have now been able to expand to multiple cities around the United States and can be heard around the world on Sermon Audio.